Now Pot those Plants

Spring is finally here. I think. One day feels like spring, the next not so much. Soon it will be time to experiment with the garden.  Last years experiment didn’t turn out so well. A new year though, means a new opportunity to plant a little garden. Or a big garden. I say little every … Continue reading Now Pot those Plants


The Science of Baking

Bread is the staff of life.— English ProverbCited as“The proverb was first recorded in 1638 in Penkethman, Artachthos” in Martin H. Manser, The Facts on File Dictionary of Proverbs (2007), 33. I love, love, love to experiment in the kitchen. Everything about cooking, about baking is science. It's all about denaturing proteins, chemical reactions, fermentation. … Continue reading The Science of Baking

I Didn’t Mean to Freeze the Summer

Seriously. I’m sorry.  I’m really, really sorry. You see, last Monday I changed out my winter tires for the all-weather’s. Apparently, according to pretty much everyone I talk to, that’s what brought second winter to Ontario. If you live in Ontario you know what I’m talking about. My children cried, I cried and then I … Continue reading I Didn’t Mean to Freeze the Summer