Spring is in the Air

Spring is finally here. It took long enough but I think we can put winter behind us. That means sunny days, marginally warmer weather and work. Garden work. Yard work.

So much work.

Because we don’t have enough to do just paying the bills and keeping the kids alive we decided to completely revamp the flower beds. They need it. And the dreamer is building new raised beds for our veggies. So excited! Followed by widening the driveway. No problem. We like productivity.

But I’m tired.

Like really, really exhausted. Like I would be asleep by 8:00 if I wasn’t outside taking advantage of every last minute of daylight. The dreamer’s ceaseless energy amazes me. I don’t get it. I live for moderation. Whatever you do, please don’t come over, I don’t want you to see my house. My little red powder room is a disaster. Actually, I’ve changed my mind. Please come over and bring me some granola bars. Here’s the recipe.

Last Saturday was not just any Saturday. It was a blissfully free of commitments Saturday. On those days the dreamer and I sleep in. The kids get their own breakfast and head downstairs to watch cartoons. Everyone loves these mornings. Sometimes we even get to sleep as late as 8:00. Not kidding. Are you jealous?

So there we were, enjoying a much needed extra few hours of sleep when bang, something hits our window. Over and over and over. Seriously. Not impressed. Want to see a 30-something woman come raging out of her room like a crazy person? Bang on the window at 6 am on her one day to sleep late.

I was ready for a fight. Surely one of my kids decided to play outside in the wee hours of the morning. But they were all downstairs snuggled up watching a few shows.

Want to know what it was?

A robin. No lie. Mr. Hot Shot daddy robin has decided to protect his nest from the threat of my house. He struts around, red chest puffed out, looking for a fight. Bang. He hits the window. He sits on the ledge egging his reflection on. You want a piece of this? Bring it on. Bang. He hits the window. Over and over and over. 12 hours a day. We’ve tried putting shapes in the windows, lowering the blinds. Nothing works. He’s determined to scare that other bird away.

I know it will pass eventually. The nesting season will be over and the birds will move on but it is driving me nuts! So if you have any suggestions please share. Anything we’ve experimented with hasn’t worked. If this keeps up we may have to move.


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