For the Love of Socks

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.”

 — Franklin P. Jones, American humorist

There are two things in life that I am utterly devoted to. My God and my family. My children are wonderful! They bring such creativity and joy to my life, all while driving me to the crack of crazy. They really do an excellent impression of me trying desperately to get everyone to school in the morning. We leave shortly after 7:00. You should hear it sometime.

I love them to bits but can someone please tell me why they can’t remember to wear socks? It doesn’t matter what season it is, one of them comes to the front door without socks.

Every single day.

Every morning they’re taken by utter surprise that socks need to be worn. Even in February. In Canada. Seriously. It can be -27℃ out and H, A or K will try to leave the house with naked feet. I’ve read that it takes about 30 repetitions of a behavior to create a habit. Wrong. H is almost 10. If we’re generous and subtract 10 years of summers that means he has put socks on approximately 2,750 times. Still not a habit. There is even a picture of socks on their daily task chart. A subtle reminder.


I know one day I’ll be sitting at home with toasty socked feet and they’ll be gone, living the life I hope they’ll have. I’m told that I’ll miss these days. I won’t miss the socks, though. They can take those with them.


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