Now Pot those Plants

Spring is finally here. I think. One day feels like spring, the next not so much. Soon it will be time to experiment with the garden.  Last years experiment didn’t turn out so well. A new year though, means a new opportunity to plant a little garden. Or a big garden. I say little every year and somehow my garden expands. I’m sorry. Not sorry.

peet potsRemember those seeds we started a few weeks ago? Well, it’s time to move the peppers and tomatoes into bigger pots. I like to use 4” peat pots. You can put them into just about any container you want as long as there are holes for drainage. I like the peat pots because you can plant them right into the ground. Or try making your own biodegradable pot. Let me know how it goes. Maybe I’ll try that next year. First put a little potting soil into the container. I didn’t actually have any, poor planning on my part, so I used a little soil right out of my garden. Not ideal but it will work in a pinch.

tomato-seedling-e1525020115464.jpgPut your little plant in. Be gentle, they’re babies. You can see the roots on mine have overgrown the little peat plug. You shouldn’t let that happen. Don’t do what I did. Top up with soil, put the pot in a new tray and water. The tray is important. If you put it into the same tray the remaining peat plugs will absorb most of the water. They will end up too wet and your peat pots will be too dry. You need to keep them watered but not soaked all the time or the roots will rot. Now that the roots have room to expand, the plants will continue to grow for the next month while we wait for the weather to warm. 


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