You Gotta Eat

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf

Ok, I hear ya. You don’t have time to take an afternoon to make bread. Good food though, that’s important. How we fuel our bodies has a huge impact on how we function. I’m not a nutritionist but I do know how our bodies work on a biochemical level. Consider salt. It draws water out of our cells, which puts pressure on our blood vessels and causes elevated blood pressure. We need to eat sodium, though, in order to maintain proper fluid balances. Balance. That’s how I feel about food. You can prepare great meals without huge time commitments. If it’s too complicated, we give up. If we don’t have time, we hit the drive through.


Good food doesn’t have to be complicated. I’m a big fan of simple, fresh, tasty food. I want to share that with you. Encourage you. Learn with you.

To start, I’ll share my menu plan for the week? Plan? Did I say plan. Oh yes I did. It eliminates the need for a decision on busy weeknights and whoever gets home first knows what to make. In our case that’s just the dreamer or myself but if you have older kids, it could be them as well. What have my kids cook? Yes you heard me right, they should learn how to cook. No one should have to eat mac’n’cheese or tuna from a can every night. Unless that sounds lovely to you, then go ahead.

Here she is. This week’s meal plan. Enjoy.


Chili. My go-to crock pot meal. Love that thing. I’ve heard lots of good things about instant pots too. Anyone tried them?

Taco Tuesday

black bean fillinf

Here’s a suggestion. Stick to a theme every week. Thanks you Lego movie, we have taco Tuesday. We’re having black bean burritos. Are you too busy to make something every Tuesday? Make enough taco filling for 4 weeks (or more) and freeze in meal size portions. It won’t take you any longer, I promise.


potato soup

This week we’re having soup. My dairy free cream of whatever soup. Find the in my post Save Money, Make Soup.


Pesto Chicken. It takes 30-45 min. Super easy.

  1. Cook chicken breasts at 350℉ until  they reach an internal temperature of 180℉. Get a meat thermometer. It’s worth it. No more fights with the dreamer anyone over dry chicken.
  2. Spread on your favorite pesto.
  3. Cover with mozzarella cheese and melt (maybe 5 minutes).

So fast. So good. You’re welcome.


Pizza. You can buy frozen pizza dough or use something as simple as english muffins or naan. Let everyone add their favorite toppings. Easy, tasty, done.

What will you have this week? What’s your favorite go-to meal on a busy weeknight? I’d love to hear it!


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