Always Winter but Never Christmas

Seriously. It’s not funny anymore. Why are we blowing snow out of the driveway in the middle of April? We should be picking tulips, not making snowmen. Remember when I told you that the dreamer took the snow tires off? I’m not the only one. This weather is not normal. Please, please tell me this is the end.

Still, I am enjoying a weekend stuck at home with my family. It’s not really outside kind of weather though and that’s creating problems. Some may say that there is no bad weather, just poor clothing choices. I totally agree. Except for this mess. It’s somewhere between snow, rain and ice. We tried going outside but everyone was soaked within minutes.

I’m bored.

Those dreaded words. We’ve been inside for 5 minutes. I haven’t even had time to find my cold mug of coffee. Boredom is wonderful though, it’s when inspiration comes to play. It’s wonderful to see their imaginations running free. It’s also very messy. So very, very messy.

K creating

Can you come over and help us clean up once the roads are safe? We can sit down afterwards and enjoy some chili by the fire. Until the kids come bouncing in. Their little bodies need to move and burn energy and that’s tough inside. It will also distract the dreamer. I’m afraid he’s going to find something to renovate. He has a problem, he admits it. I need to find a support group.

What do you do to pass time when you’re stuck at home? Curl up with a book? Catch up on work? Bake like there’s no tomorrow? Oooo, that’s a good idea. Thanks.


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