The Dreamer and the Dishwasher

I have a secret about the dreamer. Would you like to know it? As much as he would love to spend his days creating art, fishing and dreaming, he has a job. One that gives us a pay cheque that we use to take care of those pesky bills. I know, boring. By day he’s a mechanical engineer. Ok, so it’s not really a secret and he genuinely enjoys his job. But the combination of highly imaginative dreamer and highly technical, analytical engineer keeps life interesting. And very, very productive. Everything that breaks, every design flaw around us must be challenged and corrected. It’s really quite impressive. When it’s not entirely irritating or amusing. Take, for example, a shower door that doesn’t close. Ever mentioned that to somebody to have them suggest re-magnetization? No? I didn’t think so. If you have, we should probably be pen pals.

I’d like to introduce you to our dishwasher. She’s old, oh she’s old. I was still listening to mix-tapes on my Walkman when she was installed. A dinosaur by appliance standards. When she broke I started having visions of new appliances. I even started scanning the web. Stainless steel perhaps. Maybe slate. What do you think? The dreamer poked here and prodded there. He even took the front off. Then, standing in front of our naked dishwasher, he gave me that look. It’s reserved just for me. The look with a special twinkle that I know so well.

I can fix it he said.

I need to go to the hardware he said.

Pop goes my stainless steel bubble. Sigh. Was there ever any question?

It will only cost us about $20 he said.

He knows me so well. How can I resist that? He gets to fix something, while we save money. It’s a match made in heaven.

I’m not sure how but the old girl will live to wash another day. He even upgraded her a little. You see she’s been missing these little wheels that keep the top rack rolling smoothly. Not a big deal, as long as you’re careful not to pull it all the way out. Would you believe he carved two little wheels out of wood to fit it. Seriously. I’m not kidding. And they work. Never in a million years would that have ever occurred to me. Buy some at a store perhaps but whittle them out of wood, nope. He’s aware of the design flaw, wood won’t last long in the dishwasher, but rest assured he can always carve another set.

Tomorrow, he will get up and go to work and do his job. But that’s just what he does, it’s not who is. He’s the dreamer and he’s just getting started.

*Correction. He read my post. He would like it be clear that he will not, in fact, carve a second set of wooden wheels. That would be a silly waste of time. He will use plastic.


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