My Greatest Experiment

These three. They are my greatest experiment. What will work? What won’t?  What can I teach them? What will they teach me? They are undefined variables. Each new day is an opportunity to love, cherish and model the skills they will need to continue the experiment themselves. They also create laundry, so much laundry.

The oldest, H, is the musician. He is sensitive, to a fault sometimes, but so unbelievably kind that it melts my mama heart. He is drawn to love those who need it most and sees others for who they are inside. Not what they look like, not what others think. The world could really learn from his unconditional love.

The one in the middle, A, is the activist. She cannot stand to see others suffer and will fight to the death for them. And, oh, how she loves animals. Her days are spent outside surrounded by God’s creation, saving worms from the deathtrap of the driveway and the forest from the dangers of pollution.  

The youngest, K, is the fighter. Please don’t get in her way, it’s not pretty. You may not come away in one piece. Fiercely creative, unswervingly stubborn, she is going to fight for justice and her beliefs one battle at a time. There is no mercy. K will either accomplish amazing things or send me to an early grave. I’m not sure which yet.  

They are older now than in this picture, by several years. But I love this picture. I think it gives you a little glimpse of us in our purest form. Learning. Living. Loving. And a lot of apples, 140 lbs to be exact. The arm belongs to D, the dreamer, my husband of 16 years. He is the helium balloon and I am the string that tethers him to the ground. He is the go-getter, the doer. When I casually mention the amount of applesauce I could make, if only I had unlimited apples, he comes home with a years supply of free apples. Picked wild. On his way home from work. Not kidding. I wasn’t serious.

What do you consider your greatest experiments to be? Children? Travel? Your career? Years from now, will we look back at this one instant in time with happiness? There may by other moments, new experiments waiting to be discovered. Right now, however, in this little corner of Ontario, this one is mine.


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